boys-netThe Gateway Junior Grand Prix is a circuit of tennis tournaments geared towards the recreational player.  The circuit consists of a series of single-day round robin tournaments. The tournaments will be held at Woodsmill Tennis Club and one event at Frontenac Racquet Club.

League Registration


Player Eligibility:

Players who have received a final, year-end USTA District ranking in the top ten are disqualified from playing the circuit. However, these top ten players may play two age divisions higher if one exists. Boys who have received a USTA District ranking of #11 thru #20 can play, but must play one age division higher.  Final, year-end USTA rankings which are published during the Gateway season are not considered – only published rankings before the season begins.

Getting Started:

Before entering tournaments, players must register to play in the league.  To do this, the League Registration Form must be filled out and submitted online, and an annual $40 League Fee must be paid.

Entering Tournaments:

Once a player is registered to play in the league, that player can begin entering tournaments through our online system. The fee for all events is $40 per event. Entry deadlines will be the Friday before the event at 6pm.

Players may withdraw from an event for any reason (injury, schedule conflict, etc) with a partial refund if they withdraw before the entry deadline, which is the Friday before the event at 6pm. To withdraw, you must log into the the tournament system (at and click on "My Schedule" and click on the red "Withdraw" button next to the tournament from which you wish to withdraw. No other method of withdrawing from an event will be considered. Players will be refunded $32.00 when they withdraw from an event prior to the deadline. Even if you decide to withdraw after the entry/withdraw deadline, please contact summer director Corley Ward at (808) 346-1749 (text only) or by email

Event start times could possibly change, please make sure to watch your email the night before the scheduled event.

Tournament Format:

Every tournament will use a round-robin non-elimination format in which players are guaranteed a minimum of 20 games. Tournaments generally take about three hours to complete.  Players can be defaulted if they are 15 or more minutes late after the check-in time listed.