Masters Fact Sheet


  • All matches will be the best two out of three sets. For the third set, a super-tiebreaker (first to ten) will be played to determine the winner of a match.
  • All players will play three matches.
  • Regular scoring will be used.
  • Placement in the draw is determined by the player’s ranking heading into the Masters. In the first round, the #1 seeded player plays the #8 seed, #2 plays #7 , #3 plays #6, and #4 plays #5.
  • A compass format will be used.
  • If a player arrives late for a match, the following rules will be enforced: 1. If a player is twenty minutes late, they will forfeit one set. 2. If a player is thirty minutes late, they forfeit the match.
  • The entry fee for the tournament is $49 per player.
  • New balls must be provided for all matches.
  • Warm-up time before the start of play will be limited to ten minutes.
  • Points will be awarded to the players as follows: First: 280, Second: 240, Third: 200, Fourth: 160, Fifth: 120, Sixth: 80, Seventh: 40, Eighth: 0.

Special Rules for 10 & Under – 60 Foot Court Divisions

  • A “set” will be the first player to win four games.
  • A tiebreaker to seven will be played if the players split sets.
  • Lightly used low compression balls may be used.